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Established in 2038 and directed by academician Dr. B.R. Pokharel, VSN has received a national reputation for high quality education in different streams. Its graduates occupy admirable positions in medi­cine, engineering, banking and administration here as well as abroad. VSN is renowned for career-oriented programmes, personal education­al resources and top quality teaching faculties. It offers all the challeng­ing disciplines for higher education to its prospective students. VSN is leading and biggest institution in the country. It has maintained high educational reputation and offered the facilities to widen the horizons as well as to support the ambitions of the students.

Founder Director Message

Education is the most powerful weapon

Dear beloved students,
Hearty and warm welcome to. VS Niketan,
V.S. NIKETAN one of the pioneer institutions in Nepal, aims imparting need responsive quality education for current and further generation of students. VS Niketan prides itself on being an education center of excellence by preparing students for the challenges ahead with programmes and counseling that are both relevant and progressive. Moreover, it fully supports the principles of social, moral and psychological treatment so as to enable them to be loyal, culture and able citizens of the nation. VS NIKETAN possesses all the necessary infrastructures in all terms, essential of fulfill the ever-growing demand of the society and to meet the global challenges of 21st century. Beside academic excellence, the student shall be made result oriented with modern educational tools and well equipped lab and library facilities. The name and fame of the school has certainly grown out of you cooperation, love and trust worthiness show to us. It’s our pleasure to welcome you in VS Education Foundation with assurance of secured and bright future.

Dr.Babin Pokhrel

– Founder Director

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