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  1. Introduction

Mt. Gaurishankar Higher Secondary School is a full fledged co-education institution established and promoted by dynamic team of well- educated and experienced academicians under the management of V.S Education Foundation. The School has been ideally located at the lap of pollution free and historically and culturally important place, Imadol of Lalitpur District nearly Balkumari Bus Stop.

The School has successfully launched the semi- Montessori programme for the Kids of the junior level and a new approach of teaching for the senior level with the objective to provide quality education from the foundation to the senior level.

G.S School possesses all the necessary infrastructures, in all terms, essential for the cultivation of an individual’s all round development and hence has been able to maintain its glorious educational history by securing remarkable and praiseworthy position in examinations of every level. It ever strives for the value based world-class standard and quality education.

  1. Main Objectives:

To impart psycho-scientific, practical and result oriented education together with a strong foundation of English to one’s age and temperament. To train and turn the students into dedicated, disciplined, efficient and talented, stars to face the challenges of the 21st century of the world .

  1. Why at Mt. Gaurishankar H.S School?

.Entirely English medium School.

.Personal care and individual guidance to all students.

.Well furnished, bright, airy, and spacious classroom with necessary teaching materials.

.Different extra-curricular activities facilitated to the children of all standards.

.Regular parents- cum- teacher’s interaction program.

.Excellent S.L.C Board Result each year.

.Dedicated and friendly staff.

.High degree of discipline.

.Affordable fee structure.

  1. Admission:

.50 Children are admitted in Nursery class (Two sections – 25 Students) in each section.

.Depending upon the vacant seats, limited students are admitted for other classes (L.K.G to VIII) and admission will be strictly granted on good performance of the schools entrance examination and interview.

. Admission on pre-primary classes will be taken directly after interviewing the child.

.Schedule for submission of admission forms, entrance test and interview will be made available with the Admission form.

.Regarding the entrance test, interview and admission, please contact Admission officer.

  1. Extra Curricular Activities:

The institution has provision of various games appropriate for small children, organized club activities of games for higher classes.

  1. Games: Basketball, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Football,Badmintion, Handball, Cricket and many indoor games.
  2. Sports: All track and field items.
  3. Culture: Dance, Music, Song, Acting, etc.
  4. Literary: Poem, Recitation, Essay, Oratory Competitions, Debate, Elocution, etc.
  5. Outdoor:Scouting,RedCross,Excursions, Hiking, Treaking,etc.
  6. Creativity: Draeing and Painting,Craft Works, SUPw,etc.
  7. Physique: P.T. Washu,Karate, Taekwando,Judo,etc.
  8. Computer and Typing: Training in computer Science and Secretarial knowledge.
  9. Other Activities: Quiz spelling, Gardening, Nature study,etc.
  10. Club Activities
  11. Dance (Folk, modern), 2.Dance (Classical),3. Music (Vocal), 4. Fabric 5. Computer, 5. Handwork (SUPW), 6.Karate, 7.Drawing and Painting, 8.Int.Decoration, 9.Language (French/Japanese, Chinese).
  12. G.S with +2 Programs>

With the encouragement made and the interest shown by the Parents, this institution is successfully functioning with +2 levels in Management, Education.

  1. School Hour:

Working days are generally from Sunday to Friday i.e. 6 days a week, The School starts at 9:00AM and ends at 3:30 PM  everyday on all working day .

The School observes the national and  occasional holidays declared by  Government.


Mt. Gaurishankar Higher Sec. School

[Under the management of V.S Education Foundation]

Imadol – 4 Balkumari Lalitpur

Ph. No:- 01-5203132


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