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The special feature of our BBA Programme is the education system and evaluation that help to suit the students in their own pace of learning. The college follows a semester system with internal evaluation also playing a pivotal role. Continuous assessment of student’s performance is adopted to provide feedback and to help the student develop in a regular basis. Such assessments are treated as interna! evaluation, which carries one half of the total weight of the evaluation for the university. The interna! assessments will also factor in the student’s participation in the class, home assignment, project work, class test and quizzes.


Continuous evaluation of the student’s performance by giving him/her flexibility to progress at a pace suited to his/her innate ability. Each semester carries courses that impart the knowledge and skills in the various areas. Courses are of very unique in nature, having 3 credit hour per course in general which means it requires 3 hours in a week and 48 hours in a semester.
There is a provision of internal evaluation, which is conducted by faculty members and carries 50% weight of total evaluation. At Hie end of each semester students are awarded grades based on mark obtained in various segments of the course evaluation.
The grade marks awarded to the students in a course are based on his or her consolidation performance in both internal evaluations (50%). The grading system is designed in such a way that it matches with reputed foreign universities and facilitates easy interpretation of students’ performonce. The student will he graded at the range of A to F whereby ‘A’ being “excellent” and ‘F’ as “failed”.


V.S. Niketan hos its own-planned building designed for academic excellence. Classes are designed to meet the students’ requirements and uses modern desk, chairs and other arrangements based on the advices of educationalists and consultants. It uses white boards, over-head projectors and audio-visual aids for teaching and learning purpose.


V.S. Niketan offers free ship (waving of tuition fees) to the needy and brilliant students as per the policy which is based on University Board Examination results. The topper will get 50% and the 2nd topper will get 25% fee waiver for the subsequent semester.


The students can wear casual descent dresses sober in colour and design.


Students are expected to attend all scheduled classes. Students must attend a minimum of 80% of the classes in ail subjects to appear in the final examination. Habitual absenteeism or late attendance will require explanation from the parents and the students.


V.S. Niketan has highly qualified and experienced teachers with wide exposure in related fields. Most of these members are total devotees of teaching and learning. The faculty members run our B8A program effectively in order to achieve the goal of the college.


V.S. Niketan has a set of distinguished faculties engaged in the fields of teaching and learning for decades. They frequently visit our college and help to promote the spiritual, moral, social, cultural, mental and physical development of our students.

Seminars/Workshops/Report Writing

In addition to classroom, there will be regular seminors/workshops/
report writing programs for the students to gain further
exposure in the business world.

Learning Resources Center/Library

Our library has a well stocked inventory of chosen periodicals,
books, journals of wide areas. The collection emphasizes to
support the students for their academic as well as overall development.

Class Hours

The doss hours of BBA Programme shall be scheduled in the morning.

Extra co-curricular Activities (ECA)

V.S. Niketan College conducts various extra co-curricular activities in
order to enhance physical and mental progress of our students.


As per the requirement of the BBA Programme curriculum, a student is
required to participate in the internship programme, which provides the
students with the opportunity to work with an organization in order to
gain experience and exposure.

Field Visits.

V.S. Niketan will organize field visits intending to expose students with the realities of commerce, industry and
management practices of various sectors and industries. Educational tour/excursion will be organized to broaden
the knowledge of the students as per the course requirements.


V.S. Niketan houses a clean cafeteria which provides refreshment and delicious food Items at subsidized rates to
the students and the staff.


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