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V.S. Niketan College, Under the Management of V.S. Education Foundation, is ideally situated at Minbhawan, in the heort of Kathmandu Metropolitan city. V.S. Education Foundation is the natural outcome of the institutional extension of an education system aiming to co-ordinate educational activities of the institution so that the tradition and standard of excellence established at V.S. Niketan is uniformly maintained in all levels of teaching and learning under one roof. In order to fulfill the desire of the Parents/Guardians to complete the Bachelor level from same institution. V.S. Niketan has introduced BBA programme in affiliation with Pokhara University at separote complex from the year 2057 B.S.
V.S. Niketan trusts in “Total management equals to totol development concept”. From its very inception, this institution assumes the special responsibility of providing quality education. The unprecedented growth in trade, service, finance and industrial activities of the modern society have demanded quality human resources, which can handle these needs of the country in productive and effective way. Keeping this specific view of generation such efficient human resources, as well to meet the complexities and challenges of the 21 st century. V.S. Niketan is highly dedicated to this commitment.


We provide quality education for professional career.
We fulfill the emerging trend of private sector, which views BBA and MBA graduates, equally helpful for the development of government and non-Government organizations.
We provide an opportunity to feel the in/outs of real business world situations.
The credit our students earn can be transferred to various universities abroad.
Getting admission in a MBA programme abroad will not require extra course works.


Academic Excellence

Cosmopolitan and Healthy

Excellent Resource (Modern library)

Internet Facility

Centrally located, peaceful and homely environment

Modern and Spacious College Buildings

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